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The company specializes in the production of various sheet metal parts such as automobiles and engineering equipment parts, product surface electrophoresis, powder spraying, painting, and environmental protection testing equipment.
Pollution source data acquisition instrument / operation and maintenance platform SLH-SCY1909
Data acquisition instrument, including 6 RS232 serial ports, 1 RS485 serial port, 8 4-20mA analog signal input ports, and 4 switch input ports. Among them, 6 digital communication ports RS232 are used to communicate with intelligent instruments with similar interfaces and read the data of the instruments. Such instruments include COD online monitor, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, total phosphorus online detector, heavy metal ion online Monitors, flow meters, etc.
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pH online analyzer SLH-PH1907
The pH online analyzer is an intelligent online chemical analysis instrument, which is widely used in continuous monitoring of pH and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and tap water. The continuous monitoring data can be remotely monitored and recorded through the transmission and output connection with the recorder, and the RS485 interface can be connected to the computer through the MODBUS-RTU protocol to realize monitoring and recording.
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CEMS online analyzer SLH-CEMS1921
The analysis system is based on the ultraviolet differential analysis method, which can monitor the parameters of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, oxygen, humidity, temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. in the gas. It can be widely used in various industries and continuous monitoring of gas components emitted by waste incineration. . In addition, the system can detect CO\CO2\NO2\HCL\NH3\H2S\CL2, VOC and other gases for specific occasions.
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VOC online analyzer SLH-VOC1920
The instrument uses a special chromatographic column combination, a patented technology combining heart cutting plus backflushing technology and hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) technology to detect methane, non-methane total hydrocarbons and stupid series.
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Permanganate Index Water Quality Automatic Analyzer SLH-CODMn2001
Under heating conditions, potassium permanganate is reduced by the organic matter in the sample, and the absorbance of the remaining potassium permanganate is measured at a wavelength of 525nm and converted into the corresponding organic matter concentration value.
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Total lead online analyzer SLH-TPb1908
Under acidic conditions, all forms of lead in the sample are converted to divalent lead; the divalent lead and lead reagent form a complex, and the absorbance is measured at a wavelength of 480nm and converted into the corresponding concentration value.
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Total zinc online analyzer SLH-TZn1907
Under acidic conditions, all forms of zinc in the sample are converted into divalent zinc; the divalent zinc reacts with the zinc reagent to form a blue complex, and the absorbance is measured at a wavelength of 610nm and converted into the corresponding concentration value.
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Total copper online analyzer SLH-TCu1906
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Total nickel online analyzer SLH-TNi1905
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Total chromium/hexavalent chromium online analyzer SLH-(TCr/Cr6)1903
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Total nitrogen online analyzer SLH-TN2001
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Ammonia nitrogen online analyzer SLH-NH1902
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